I didn’t plan to get tutoring for my son, however, by the end of year 4, it became apparent that his school were doing very little (ie nothing) towards the 11 plus and if we wanted him to stand a chance of having a grammar education then we would have to do it ‘off our own bat.’ Leigh Tutoring offered a great preparation at a good price. The best things about learning in a group were that my son didn’t mind going to the classes because he knew other children were too and it also brought out the competitive element in him. The staff are lovely conscientious teachers who understand kids. Keely took great care to work on my son’s weaker points – his maths – so he benefited from individual learning even within the group setting. She also noticed other weaknesses, his timing issues for example and worked on ways to overcome them. By the time the exam came around my son knew exactly what to expect.. There are no guarantees with the 11 plus, but thanks to Leigh Tutoring I feel absolutely confident that we did the best we could to prepare our son.

Mrs Lierens