Qualifying as a teacher in 2004, Pippa joined us in the Spring of 2016.

Pippa says…

“The first thing that I noticed when I started working at Leigh Tutoring was just how happy all the children and staff were.  It really is a lovely place to work and learn.  Working with small groups of children means that I get to know them all as individuals and can teach to their specific needs.  It’s so nice to watch them learn and grow in confidence in a relaxed, friendly environment.”

The children say about Pippa…

“Pippa is the best teacher anyone could have because she helps you with everything.  Leigh Tutoring is like a puzzle and each tutor is part of the puzzle and without Pippa the puzzle would be incomplete!  She is brilliant at explaining things and we all love her teaching us.

“Pippa is very kind and is always there to help.  She listens to my ideas and always explains things carefully.”