A long standing member of the team, Liz joined Leigh Tutoring in 2010. An English specialist with almost 20 years of primary school teaching experience.  Liz plays a key role behind the scenes and is responsible for planning the year 5 English curriculum at Leigh Tutoring.

Liz says…

“I absolutely love working at Leigh Tutoring!  I try to create a friendly environment in the classroom where children feel able to ask questions and to discuss ideas.  The small group sizes mean that the children feel supported and I can focus on their individual needs.  My greatest reward is to watch their growing confidence as they are inspired to reach their potential.”

The children say about Liz…

“I think that Liz’s classes are very enjoyable and I always think that the lesson goes really quickly! She is kind, polite and she makes her lessons extremely fun!  Liz also explains words that I don’t understand in a way that I do understand.”

“I like Liz’s classes as she is very understanding and I feel like if you couldn’t do something she would help you do it.  If you tell her that the homework is very hard she would encourage you to do your best.  She never gets angry and you can ask her what words mean and  she will explain it to you.”