11 plus preparation

Lessons will help give your child the best possible preparation to progress successfully into a local selective school. Attending Leigh Tutoring will improve your child’s confidence in their own abilities and subject knowledge which will help them at school.

Year 3 and 4

During this time children attend for 1 hour a week and work on both maths and English in the classes. It is a time where we ensure that children have a sound knowledge of maths and English in order to be prepared to progress to the harder 11 + level work in year 5. Children sit ‘mini assessments’ throughout the year which helps to begin to prepare them for the 11 plus. We aim to help children build confidence in their own abilities which not only aids them at tutoring, but also at school. Pupils are grouped with others of similar ability and from the same year group. There will be a small amount of homework set each week.

Year 5

Children attend for 1 hour a week until February half term of year 5. During this hour, children will study both maths and English. Following the February half term of year 5 children attend for 2 hours a week; an hour of maths and an hour of English. It is possible to attend for a 2 hour lesson or for 2 separate hours in the week.

Lessons cover the topics that children need to learn in order to be fully prepared for the 11+. Plenty of experience will be gained from looking at and working through past papers. Exam technique will be worked on including time management. Children will be grouped with others of very similar ability often promoting a healthy level of competition! Assessments will be carried out in maths and English each half term. Parents will receive feedback from these assessments during the first 3 half terms.

In the August before taking the 11+ we offer a 1 week summer school.  Children attend for 2 hours day Monday to Friday.

Mock exams

During the second part of year 5, there will be the opportunity to sit mock exams.  The children will sit actual past papers under exam conditions giving them a good idea of what to expect on the day of the 11+ exam.  Following the mock exam children have the benefit of going through their papers with the teacher. This is very useful for the children as they are able to recognise their strengths and weaknesses and how to improve in the future.