Classes are available for children in year 3, 4 and 5.  Each class lasts for 1 hour and has a maximum of 4 pupils.  Fees are £20(plus vat) per lesson.

We do our very best to guide, encourage and help develop the skills needed for success. We provide a fun and caring environment for your child. All lessons are entirely teacher led, without the use of computers.

Working in a small group has many benefits:

  • generally children enjoy being part of a group and working with others their own age rather than 1:1 with a tutor.
  • when a child enjoys what they are doing they are likely to want to do well.
  • in a very small group of only 4 pupils, children receive plenty of individual attention from the teacher.
  • pupils can engage in group discussions with the teacher and their peers, on occasion working in pairs appraising each other’s work.
  • there is often a healthy level of competition which promotes children to challenge themselves and therefore improve.
  • working in a group can be good fun!

By receiving extra tuition children will build confidence in their own abilities which will help them in all aspects of their schooling.  Children are always encouraged to contribute, listen to and value each others ideas.

11+ Preparation

Leigh Tutoring offers specialist 11 plus tuition. Read more →

non 11+ classes

Most of the lessons offered at Leigh Tutoring are 11+ preparation classes.  However, for those children not taking the 11+ exam, we offer classes for 1 hour a week aimed at reinforcing key skills in both English and maths.  These classes will help to support children as they learn and build confidence in their own abilities.