Suzy can be found teaching at Leigh Tutoring 2 each day of the week.  Working with us since the summer of 2014, she plays an important role in planning and teaching the year 3 and 4 classes.

Suzy says…

“Teaching at Leigh Tutoring is great fun and very rewarding.  I get to know all my pupils really well and I love following their progress and watching their confidence blossom.  The small group environment is informal and I can focus on each child’s individual needs. While our skills focused lessons follow a familiar structure each week, regular assessments also give children plenty of opportunities to improve their exam technique.  I aim for children to leave my lessons with a smile on their face!”

The children say about Suzy…

“Suzy is an amazing teacher.  She’s bubbly, kind and caring.  If you don’t understand a question, help is always there.  Thank you Suzy.”

“She is always funny and makes us smile.  She explains things clearly and is always supportive.”

“Suzy has taught me so many things that I haven’t been taught in school and she really makes me laugh!  She is an amazing teacher and I am grateful that I have had her teaching me.”